Partners and Supporters

OBI was founded on the belief of openness and cooperation both in science and in our conservation efforts surrounding whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem as a whole. As such, we are proud to partner with the following organizations.

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The Orca Behavior Institute is a labor of love for our researchers and Board members, and at this time our modest operating budget comes 100% from private donations. No donor has any influence over our research questions or scientific publications. In addition to the many supporters of our annual T-shirt fundraising campaign, the following individuals, families, and companies have generously supported our work with donations of $50 or more.


Aiden Gopperton-Pace
Alex Callen
Alexander Falk
Alice Lowe
Alice Surrency
Alison Engle
Amanda Fox-Wells
Amber Glover
Amy Benson
Amy Nesler
Andrew Alman
Anea Cobia
Anne-Lie Lindell
April Ryan
Ariel Linden
Ashley Elizabeth
Augusta Anderson
Becky Burd
Benjamin Knox
Beth Vineyard
Bindy Crafts
Carol Perrusos
Carrie Flenar Franklin
Cathleen and Gary Weiss
Christina Cooper
Christine Bush
Crystal Seas Kayaking
Dan Eberhart
David Neiwert
Deanna Buba
Denise George
Desiree Rivera
Donna Coghlan
Doreen Somers
Dorothy Ingebretson
Edurne Carlyle
Five Star Whale Watching
Frank Breslin
Gabe Delgado
Gary Snyder
George Cork
Gigi Silva
Heitor Crespo
Island Adventures
Ivan Reiff
Jackie Mcguirt
Jake Klearman
Jamie Manske
Janice Alves Araujo
Jason Shields
Jay Fineman
Jay Schwartz
Jeffrey Gordon
Jill Hein
Jocelyn Shaffer
Jolene Pasztor
Juan and Heidi Lopez
Julie Woodruff
Justin Cox
Justin Joyner
K. Makowski
Kaitlyn Kush
Karen Lynn
Karen Yohn
Kassem Hammoud
Kathryn Baldwin
Kathy Nelissen
KD Richan
Kelly Molitor-Ginn
Ken Hesser
Kim Foos
Kim Simpsons
Kimberly Watson
Lana Meyer
Leslie Curran
Liane Yahnig
Libby Baldwin
Linda Park
Linda Pierce Goos
Lindsey Webster
Lisa Costantino
Lodie Laurieanne Gilbert Budwill
Lori Lamb
Luisa Shockey
Mackensie Lieberman
Marit Nelson
Marta Fuentealba
Mary Joyner
Micah Vacatio
Michelle Robles
Mike Chaffee
Mike Tarnower
Misha LeeAnn
Monika Wieland Shields
Morgan Gannarelli
Nadia Aly
Nancy Rusch
Nicole Ann
Olya Volpe
Paul Hummel
Pilar Kofler
Rachel Haight
Randy Ginn
Rainer and Vera Wieland
Randall Hicks
Rebecca Parks
Rob Eggert
Rob Rader
Robin Baird
Robin VanHyning
Russell and Mary Singer
Ryan Kelly
Sally King
San Juan Excursions
Serena Gardner
Stephanie Margaret
Susan Marie Andersson
Susan Schwinge
Suzanne Oesterreicher Freudberg
The Hair Family
The Kovary Family
The Miller-Selvig Family
The Widere Family
Thea Lorraine
Theresa Richardson
Theresa Schwartz
Thomas Furlong
Toi Costakes
Whitney Neugebauer