Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever sticker design contest! There were so many great designs we ended up getting stickers made of the top 3 winners. We just received them and they look great, and now you can get yours, too!

Stickers are $4 each plus $1 shipping regardless of how many you order. Please add $2 shipping for any order outside of the US.

Examples: You want 1 sticker ($4) plus shipping ($1) = your total is $5
You want 3 stickers (3 x $4) plus shipping ($1) = your total is $13
If you want 2 stickers (2 x $4) plus shipping to Europe ($2) = your total is $10.

Extra donations are always appreciated!

Purchasing Instructions
1. Click the “Buy Now” button below to be taken to our PayPal page.
2. Enter the total amount of your purchase, press ‘Next’, and select your payment method.
3. Enter in the ‘Note’ field which sticker(s) you would like, and how many of each (see design names below).
4. Scroll down and check the “Share your mailing address” box so we know where to ship them.
5. Complete your transaction.

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If PayPal doesn’t work for you but you would still like stickers, please send an e-mail to to arrange an alternate form of payment.

Black and White
6″ x 2.8″
by Kyle Bianchi

Sunset Breach
4″ x 3.9″
by Menelik Rimondi

J31 and J56
4″ x 2.2″
by Justine Buckmaster