Presentations and Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Giles DA, Teman SJ, Ellis S, Ford JKB, Shields MW, Hanson MB, Emmons CK, Cottrell PE, Baird RW, Osborne RW, Weiss M, Ellifrit DK, Olson JK, Towers JR, Ellis G, Matkin D, Smith CE, Raverty SA, Norman SA, Gaydos JK. 2023. “Harassment and killing of porpoises (‘phocoenacide’) by fish-eating Southern Resident killer whales (Orcinus orca)”. Marine Mammal Science

Athayde A, Cantor M, Cardoso J, Francisco Arlaine, Pereira dos Santos F, Crespo H, Vinicius de Morais M, da Cruz Albaladego M, Gallo Neto H, Siciliano S. 2023. “Movements and social behavior of killer whales (Orcinus orca) off the Brazilian coast.” Fronters in Marine Science 10:1206796. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2023.1206796

Shields, Monika W. 2023. “2018–2022 Southern Resident killer whale presence in the Salish Sea: continued shifts in habitat usage“. PeerJ 11:e15635

Shields, Monika W. 2022. “Commercial whale-watching reduces vessel incidents in the vicinity of killer whales in Washington State“. Marine Policy 145: 105290.

Souhaut, Marie, and Monika W. Shields. 2021. “Stereotyped whistles in Southern Resident killer whales.PeerJ 9:e12085

Shields, Monika W., Sara Hysong-Shimazu, Jason C. Shields, and Julie Woodruff. 2018. “Increased presence of mammal-eating killer whales in the Salish Sea with implications for predator-prey dynamics.” PeerJ 6:e6062
*Top 5 Most Viewed Population Biology Paper for PeerJ 2018*

Shields, Monika W., Jimmie Lindell, and Julie Woodruff. 2018. “Declining spring usage of core habitat by endangered fish-eating killer whales reflects decreased availability of their primary prey.”  Pacific Conservation Biology

Wieland, Monika, Albyn Jones, and Susan C.P. Renn. 2010. “Changing durations of Southern Resident Killer Whale discrete calls between two periods spanning 28 yr“. Marine Mammal Science 6(1): 195–201. (Pre-OBI)

Additional Publications

Capron, Lucy, Monika W. Shields, and Julie Woodruff. “Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Gulf Island Interim Sanctuary Zones for Southern Resident Killer Whales.” White paper published on February 2, 2023.

Shields, Monika W. 2019. “Endangered Orcas: The Story of the Southern Residents.” Orca Watcher, Friday Harbor, WA.

Shields, Monika W., and Scott Veirs. 2019. “Status and trends for West Coast Transient (Bigg’s) killer whales in the Salish Sea.” Encyclopedia of Puget Sound.

Theses (co-advised by OBI)

Hartman, Elizabeth. 2021. “Identification of changes in the call repertoire of Southern Resident killer whales (Orcinus orca).” Unity College Captsone Project.

Souhaut, Marie. 2020. “Whistle communication within the Southern Resident killer whale (Orcinus orca) population.” Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Masters Thesis.

Fuchs, Gregory. 2019. “Potential impacts of dam removal on salmon food supply of an endangered population of killer whales.” University of York Masters Thesis.

Lindell, Jimmie. 2017. “Long-term behavioural changes in the Southern Resident killer whale (Orincus orca) population around the San Juan Islands.” University of Gothenburg Masters Thesis.

Weiss, Michael. 2016. “Non-Kinship Social Bonds in Resident Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)”. Reed College Undergraduate Thesis.

Wieland, Monika. 2007. “Repertoire Usage of the Southern Resident Community of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)“. Reed College Undergraduate Thesis. (Pre-OBI)

Presentations (selected list)

Shields, Monika Wieland. “Southern Resident Presence in the Salish Sea: Changes Over Time”. Ways of Whales Workshop. Coupeville, WA. January 14, 2023.

Shields, Monika Wieland. “Killer whales and vessels in the Salish Sea: A new perspective on factors influencing incident rates.” Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference Snapshot. April 2022.

Shields, Monika Wieland. “Familial connections among the Southern Resident killer whales.” Orca Month Lecture. Friday Harbor, WA. June 3, 2021.

Shields, Monika Wieland. “Bigg’s killer whales of the Salish Sea“. Ways of Whales Workshop. Coupeville, WA. January 25, 2020.

Woodruff, Julie. “Killer Whales of the Salish Sea: Shifting Roles Between Two Orca Ecotypes.” Peter Leveque Natural History Lecture. Santa Rosa Junior College, California. April 12, 2019.

Shields, Monika Wieland. “The Importance of Columbia-Snake River Salmon to Southern Resident Killer Whales.” Lecture at Orca Month Event: Orcas Need Free-Flowing Rivers. Ballard, Washington. June 28, 2018.

Lindell, Jimmie. “Long-term behavioural changes in the Southern Resident killer whale (Orincus orca) population around the San Juan Islands.” Lecture at the University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. January 11, 2018.

Weiss, Michael. “The Multi-Dimensional Social Structure of Southern Resident Killer Whales.” Lecture at The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, WA. August 15, 2016.

Weiss, Michael. “Pod Rearrangement in Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)“. Summer research presentation. Reed College, Portland, Oregon. September 2015.

Shields, Monika W. Recurring segment for the Marine Naturalist Training Program, 2010-2021. “Which pod is that? An introduction to listening to Southern Resident Killer Whales.” Friday Harbor, WA.

Weiss, Michael, Monika Wieland, and Cindy Hansen. March 2015. “Southern Resident Killer Whales and Salmon: How Prey Availability Effects Behavior.” Lecture for Baja Discovery, San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico.

Weiss, Michael, Cindy Hansen, Monika Wieland, Bob Otis. November 2014. “Group behavioral response to prey availability in Southern Resident Killer Whales”. Poster Presentation at the American Cetacean Society Conference in Newport Beach, CA.