2015 Encounters

2015 Encounters

Over 100 hours of behavioral observation
138 hydrophone recordings totaling over 41 hours


1. June 9th: J-Pod, the L4s, L47s, and L95
2. June 10th: J-Pod Group A and K-Pod
3. June 13th: The L12 sub-group, L4s, L47s, and L95
4. June 14th: J-Pod Group A and K-Pod
5. June 15th: J-Pod and K-Pod
6. June 16th: J-Pod Group B, K-Pod, L4s, L47, and L95
7. June 21st: J-Pod, K-Pod, L4s, L47s, L95
8. June 23rd: K12s, K14s, and L4s
9. June 24th: J-Pod Group A and the K14s
10. June 24th: K12s and K13s
11. June 25th: J-Pod Group A and the K14s
12. June 27th: K12s and K13s
13. June 27th: J-Pod Group A and the K12s, K13s, and K14s
14. June 28th: J-Pod Group A and the K12s, K13s, and K14s
15. June 29th: J-Pod Group A and the K12s, K13s, and K14s
16. June 30th: J2s, J19s, and K14s
17. July 3rd: J-Pod
18. July 4th: J-Pod
19. July 6th: J2s, J19s, J11s, J22s, J17s, K14s, L4s, L26s, L43s, L47s
20. July 7th: J16s, K12s, K13s, L22s
21. July 8th: K12s, K13s
22. July 9th: J2s, J19s, K14s
23. July 11th: J2s, J19s, K14s
24. July 12th: J-Pod, K12s, K13s, K14s, L4s, and L47s
25. July 14th: J2s, J19s, K13s, K14s
26. July 15th: K13s
27. July 15th: J2s, J19s, K13s, K14s
28. July 17th: J2s, J19s, K13s, K14s
29. July 18th: J2s, J19s, and K14s
30. July 18th: J16s and J22s
31. July 19th: J2s, K13s, and K14s
32. July 19th: J11s
33. July 20th: K14s
34. July 21st: K13s
35. July 22nd: J11s, J16s, J17s, J19s, J22s
36. July 22nd: J11s, J16s, J17s, J19s, J22s, K12s, K16s + K21, L4s, L26s, L43s, L47s
37. July 23rd: J16s, K13s, K14s
38. July 23rd: J11s, J17s, J22s
39. July 25th: J-Pod, K-Pod, L4s, L26s, L43s
40. July 28th: J-Pod, K12s, K13s, K14s
41. July 29th: K13s
42. July 29th: J22s, J16s
43. July 31st: J2s, J19s, K13s, K14s
44. August 2nd: J-Pod, K12s, K13s, K14s, L12 sub-group, L4s, L47s, L95
45. August 6th: J-Pod and K-Pod
46. August 8th: K12s and K13s
47. August 9th: J-Pod, K-Pod, L4s, L43s, L26s, L47s
48. August 10th: L12 sub-group
49. August 12th: Part of J-Pod
50. August 13th: J2s, J19s, K12s, K13s, K14s, L4s, L43s, L47s
51. August 16th: K13s, L4s, L26s, L47s, L95
52. August 17th: J-Pod, K12s, K14s, K16s, K21
53. August 18th: J-Pod, K-Pod, L4s, L26s, L43s, L47s
54. August 22nd: J-Pod, K-Pod, all of L-Pod but the L12 sub-group
55. August 23rd: J-Pod, K-Pod, all of L-Pod but the L12 sub-group
56. August 24th: L-Pod
57. August 25th: Superpod
58. August 26th: Superpod
59. August 28th: J-Pod, K-Pod
60. September 4th: K13s, K14s
61. September 5th: K12s, a few unidentified Ls
62. September 5th: K12s, K13s, K14s
63. September 7th: K-Pod and L-Pod
64. September 12th: J17s


T1. June 16th: T65As and T77s
T2. June 20th: T46Cs, T49A, and T125s
T3. August 8th: T2Cs, T34s, T37s