“Changing Tides” Card Collection

Set of 5 greeting cards featuring artwork by Sara Hysong-Shimazu

In collaboration with “Photo Cards by Lodie”, we have curated this special greeting card set featuring one-of-a-kind artwork by Sara Hysong-Shimazu. Sara’s deep connection with the Southern Resident killer whales is apparent in both her digital and watercolor artwork. These high-quality 5×7 cards are perfect for a special note to a loved one or are worthy of hanging on your wall.

We are offering these cards in sets of 5 (one of each design), and 5 envelopes will also be included. To get yours, make a $30 donation via the link below ($25 for the cards plus $5 shipping).

International orders are also possible, but due to the extra shipping costs, will require a $45 USD donation.

See the designs in detail below, including their titles and descriptions of which whales they feature.

You Are My Sunshine
Southern Resident killer whales of the J17 family group in J-Pod. Top row: J35 Tahlequah, J47 Notch, J46 Star. Bottom row: J44 Moby and J53 Kiki

Stay Wild Moon Child
J19 Shachi and current matriarch of J-Pod leads her daughter and grandchildren through the changing seasons in search of the salmon they rely on.
Windows To The Soul
While they live in the depths of the ocean, we can see parallels to ourselves in the complex social lives of Southern Resident killer whales.
Always By Your Side
K22 Sekiu and K33 Tika, Mother and Son
Within the Southern Resident killer whale community, mothers play a pivotal role in leading the family. Their offspring stay with them for their entire lives.
Go With The Flow
Members of L-Pod from the Southern Resident killer whale population. From left to right: L83 Moonlight, L110 Midnight, L91 Muncher, L122 Magic, and L47 Marina.